How important is the mobile revolution?

According to comScore, a leading technology company that has been “driving digital innovation and shaping the digital landscape since 1999”, no one who sells online can afford to ignore mobile. With their main focus being to measure what people do as they navigate the digital world, they recently stated than an astounding 60% of total digital media time spent is on smartphones and tablets. So what does this mean for your business? It couldn’t be simpler: it means that if your website is either slow to display on a mobile phone or a tablet, or even worse isn’t designed to operate on either of these devices; your business is missing out.

Is your business missing out on the mobile revolution?

With 60% of traffic on websites coming from mobile devices it’s clear that if your site doesn’t load effectively and efficiently or indeed at all on an iPhone or an iPad for example, you’re going to miss out on your share of the profit that’s being made in your sector. If you’re the owner of an online shop that isn’t optimized for mobile you can rest assured that there are potential buyers trying to make purchases right now while they’re on the move and will end up giving up because they’re frustrated and angry, as well as disappointed.

The responsive solution

If you suspect that your business is missing out because it’s not responsive to smartphones and tablets, the solution could be a whole lot simpler than you imagine. At Light4website we design bespoke solutions for businesses like yours that enable your online presence to work efficiently and effectively across all devices. What this means is that your loyal customers as well as your potential customers won’t only find you when they’re on the move, but they’ll be buying from you and acting as your ambassadors (everyone likes to share their purchases with friends around them, no matter where they are) at the same time.

Our responsive web design service gives your business:

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Enhanced profit potential
  • A lower bounce rate (which pleases the search engines)
  • The right image, no matter the device
  • A fast loading mobile solution that goes wherever your buyers go
  • The chance to extend your reach by letting your customers share their experiences on the move

No matter whether you’re looking for a bespoke responsive design, a Magento responsive design or a Magento responsive theme, the team at Light4website is here and ready to deliver.

Find out more

If you’d like to find our more about taking your online experience mobile, why not get in touch? It costs nothing to chat and we will help you establish whether or not it makes good business sense to invest in a responsive web site for your unique situation.