Branding isn’t just for the big boys

If you’re starting a new business or re-branding an existing small or medium-sized business you could be forgiven for thinking that branding is only for big businesses. Even a decade or so, this might have been the case, but now even the smallest of businesses can benefit from making the right branding decisions.

Branding is all about finding a way to communicate your business’s Unique Selling Points (USPs), values and characteristics to your customers and potential customers. The right branding will help you stand out in a crowd and will help potential clients or customers to choose you rather than your competitors.

Getting branding right

Getting branding right starts with analyzing what it is that makes your business different and unique. Many small business owners in particular, know instinctively what makes their business different and better than the rest. The problem is when those business owners haven’t invested the time needed to put their USPs, values and characteristics into words.

It’s only when you put these things into concise words that appeal to your target audience that you really start to get traction from your idea. When you have made this investment in analyzing exactly why you are different, the next step is to package your brand so the reasons to choose you can be represented using images and colors or both.

Branding opportunities

Getting the branding right for your business can mean the difference between appealing directly to your target market in an effective way and missing out on opportunities. When it comes to creating your brand, you should normally include your business name and some sort of tagline that sums your business up in the equation. Thereafter it’s a case of identifying suitable images or icons as well as colors that suggest the qualities you want to portray to your customers and your potential customerss.

When it comes to your branding, much will hinge on your logo and it’s essential to get your logo spot-on. Unfortunately, low and no-cost graphics packages as well as cheap online printing have recently resulted in a flood of generic, mass-market branding being used across a range of businesses. But the good news is, with the right help you can get yourself a great brand.

Get your branding spot on

At Light4website we will help you get your branding spot-on by working with you to develop and design your logo, business cards, business envelopes, paper, pens and other promotional materials. You can make sure yours is the business that stands out from the rest by getting your branding perfect and we can help you achieve that.

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of branding your business, why not get in touch? We think you’ll be surprised at how pain-free the process is and how little it costs. We also think you’ll be delighted at the value your business will get from the branding service we provide.