B2B & B2C Magento shops

There’s no getting away from the fact that consumers are consuming more and more online as the weeks, months and years go by. The Internet is more often than not the first port of call for consumers seeking solutions that would otherwise force them to travel and queue up in a shop. [...]


Convert PSD to Magento

No matter whether you have an existing online shop and are upgrading, or you are new to selling online, if you are sitting looking at a PSD of your dream shop but wondering how you will make it reality, we can help.


Responsive web design

According to comScore, a leading technology company that has been “driving digital innovation and shaping the digital landscape since 1999”, no one who sells online can afford to ignore mobile. With their main focus being to measure what people do as they navigate the digital world, they recently stated than an astounding 60% of total digital media time spent is on smartphones and tablets. So what does this mean for your business?


Magento outsourcing/Magento development

No matter whether you run an agency that provides Magento development services or you manage your Magento online store development in-house, there are sure to be times where you need an extra pair of hands. It may be that you need more skilled developers on board on a regular basis, or just from time-to-time?


Magento speed optimization

Magento is the perfect vehicle for selling online thanks to it’s clever ability to make something complex seem really simple at the back end as well as boasting a ‘leading edge’ look at the front end. That said, Magento is also acknowledged as not being the fastest platform on the market. As an online seller, you’re acutely aware that your customers shop online to save time, and expect and deserve a slick and stress-free experience. A slow loading site could ring the death knell for retailers like you.


Move to Magento

If you are currently trading online and are frustrated with the scalability of the platform you’re using, then Magento is the ideal solution. If you’re struggling to run your business efficiently with a shopfront that looks old or juggling with modules that are outdated, Magento will seem like a breath of fresh air to you.


Magento multistore

Do you sell goods online to different markets? It may be that you sell B2B and B2C, or you sell to a range of customers that speak different languages or simply have different needs? Either way, each one of these business models can create administrative nightmares.


Logos and branding

If you’re starting a new business or re-branding an existing small or medium-sized business you could be forgiven for thinking that branding is only for big businesses. Even a decade or so, this might have been the case, but now even the smallest of businesses can benefit from making the right branding decisions.