Optimal White Case Study

Client problem:

This client was battling to grow their business while faced with a badly configured multistore site. The fact that the site was not configured properly meant that the client suffered daily management challenges and visitors failed to get the experience they deserved.

Light4website solution:

In order to help this client boost their sales and give their visitors the top-end experience they expected, we developed a Magento Multistore with 3 separate shops to accommodate the different languages and different currencies and payment methods. We helped this client develop his business one step further by making his sites fully responsive across all devices, so his buyers could place orders day and night whilst on the move.

Client name and website address:

Optimal White, www.optimalwhite.nl, www.optimalwhite.com, www.optimalwhite.co.uk

Client overview:

An international company that sells safe and painless teeth whitening solutions on line.

Location: The Netherlands

"The best!"
Marco Van Daar
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