Case Study

Client problem:

This client came to us with a module that had been created by another company that wasn’t compatible with Magento 1.4 and newer versions of Magento. Because Magento is such a popular platform this issue was significantly reducing their reach.

Light4website solution:

We worked with the client to enhance a module with extra functionality to integrate with Magento and at the same time be cross compatible with the service. This would allow the module to be compatible with Magento versions 1.4 and newer. We developed this and went a step further by making it child’s play to install and configure on existing Magento shops, serving to create a really slick and easy-to-use solution for all Magento shop owners.

Client name and website address:,

Client overview:

An innovative gifting idea that allows ecommerce stores across a whole range of platforms to enable buyers to buy gifts and allow recipients to choose the delivery address and other product options. A technology solution that enables virtually any ecommerce website to increase their potential, this is a really interesting solution.

Location: The Netherlands

"Working with Light4website was great! Great communication skills, delivers exactly on time and really thinks in detail about the tasks.

Definitely a favorite.”
Filip Mertens
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