DPS Skis Case Study

Client problem:

Based in the USA, DPS Skis had previously looked to companies based on home soil to find a Magento expert to work with them to update and maintain their site. However, they, like many others in a similar situation knew that by looking overseas they could get a reliable company that would be as effective yet significantly cheaper. This is why they chose Light4website.

Light4website solution:

At Light4website we carried out several initial fixes to help this client reach out to a wider audience and sell more of their great product. These include:

  1. We beat the price of their existing supplier.
  2. We added German to the language choices on the site. With a big market speaking German, this simple change opened up a whole new range of opportunities for DPS Skis.
  3. We added a specifically created video section to the site, which would deliver footage to the site’s visitors, really helping bring their product to life in the minds of their potential buyers.
  4. We implemented advanced shipping configurations so that DPS products were able to reach out on a truly global stage. Now, no matter how near or far their buyers are, there’s a shipping solution to suit their needs.

Client name and website address:

DPS Skis, www.dpsskis.com

Client overview:

DPS designs the world’s most advanced skis. A company started in partnership with the professional skier and ski designer Stephan Drake and ski engineer Peter Turner, their goal is to make the perfect skis for anyone who lives and breathes this sport.

Location: USA

"Our company hired Light4website last spring to assist with Magento work needed as we continued to expand the scope and complexity of our website.

We needed the perfect mix of value, expertise, and hands-on management. Szymon and his team delivered on all fronts, and continue to do so. They are Magento experts that we endorse for all of your projects, and were able to improvise, as we as introduced platforms helpful to our selling strategies.

We recommend Light4website. "
Marketing Manager, DPS Skis

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