Colored Organics Case Study

Client problem:

With a great story to tell as well as a superb product range, this client came to us on the lookout for a developer, who could create an online store that would look great, be highly functional and benefit from the support of a professional team.

Light4website solution:

We worked with Colored Organics to develop their front-end as well as their back-end and to provide server administration services. Highly satisfied with the service we provide, we have worked on these key areas:

  1. The creation of appealing and effective wholesale and retail shops to showcase this client’s products in their best light so they appeal to direct buyers and re-sellers alike. The wholesale shop is exclusively reserved for registered and confirmed resellers.
  2. Making both sites responsive across all devices to broaden the reach and the potential of this client’s online business. Working across all devices mean that they can capture potential clients no matter where they are, no matter what time of day they are searching.
  3. Configuring this shop on Amazon AWS hosting to provide the client with an alternative and appealing promotional opportunity through this global site.

Client name and website address:

Colored Organics,,

Client overview:

An online wholesaler and retailer selling organic baby wear that is stylish, colorful, affordable and responsible.

Location: USA

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