CM Car Parts Case Study

Client problem:

This client came to us with a problem that needed sorting and sorting fast. Reindex crashed on their site and meant that a whole host of new products needed to be loaded to the site without an SEO-friendly URL. Being in this situation was costing this client money and losing them valuable business opportunities.

Light4website solution:

In order to get this client back to optimum trading, we spent around an hour optimizing the Reindex process, which allowed them to get back on the road and fully operational without any negative impact on SEO. Impressively, the client was able to complete the full process after our fixes in about 5 minutes.

Client name and website address:

CM CarParts,

Client overview:

Online car parts distributor that supplies car parts for all major makes of car from Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen (A to Z).

Location: Denmark

"I must say that Light4website is an absolute Top Professional company with the highest level of Magento and coding skills. Light4website developers are fast, efficient and worth every single cent, even though their hourly rate is higher than other developers we have used.

They work thoroughly and are the best Magento developers we have used without a doubt!"
Kenneth Olin
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