Big Berkey Water filters Case Study

Client problem:

This client runs a busy Magento shop and needed a reliable team behind him in order to keep the shop up to scratch and keep it performing at its best.

Light4website solution:

In order to make sure this client stays ahead of the game when it comes to selling online we:

  1. Speeded up his Magento shop so visitors and buyers benefitted from the optimum online experience.
  2. Integrated with the main site in order to generate customer content which helps drive traffic and increase conversions.
  3. Carried out responsive optimization to make sure the site worked to the max across all devices, enabling buyers to buy, even while on the move.

Client name and website address:

Big Berkey Water Filters,

Client overview:

A water filter supplier with a big reputation offering stainless steel water filter solutions that remove bacterial and chemicals from water but leave the minerals your body needs.

Location: USA

"We've been using Light4website for a number of months now, and our experiences have all been pleasant, enjoyable and productive. Our work has ranged from small coding and design fixes to larger mobile integrations. In all cases, Light4website has been responsive and provided results in a very timely manner.

Finding a company that will address both small and large concerns with an equal level of attentiveness, seems very difficult nowadays. However, this speaks to the fact that Light4website truly values its customers and will do what it takes to support them. Combine this with the fact that they are very knowledgeable about both the design and coding aspects of website development, and you've got a winning formula for success.

We wold not hesitate to recommend them to other potential clients."
Dan DeBaun

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