How to create admin user programmatically?

Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015 Posted By Patryk Chamier- Ciemiński

Sometimes you need to get to Magento admin panel but you don't have an account, what then? Don’t worry, there is a simple solution.

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The power of personal branding

Monday, Jul 06, 2015 Posted By Maja Podonowska

As a part of self development we participated in a workshop, moderated by professional coach Joanna Bogielczyk. Our main goals were to get to know how to create ourselves as professionals and to improve our knowledge about personal branding.

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Promo codes and coupons

Wednesday, Jul 01, 2015 Posted By Maja Podonowska

Digital codes and coupons are a constantly growing trend in eCommerce world. There is no doubt, they should be a part of an eCommerce website strategy of every online store, that wants to reach a growing and affluent audience. What are they? 

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TDD- A great clash

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2015 Posted By Maja Podonowska

Couple weeks ago, our backend developer Michał, had a chance to participate in “Magento Test Driven Development" training ( TDD training with Magento). He decided to use his  knowledge, gained during the three day workshop, and share it with our development Team.

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Powerful debugging

Thursday, Jun 25, 2015 Posted By Konrad Siamro

To grow and expand developing skills, one of our backend developers  Konrad, has led a training on Xdebug for our team.  

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Reorder category tree in Magento

Wednesday, Jun 24, 2015 Posted By Patryk Chamier- Ciemiński

Sometimes you need to reorganize your category tree in Magento. For example, if you've got 10,000 categories and over twice as many products, then every time you move a category, you need to wait for ages. Don’t you?

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The power of communication

Thursday, Jun 18, 2015 Posted By Maja Podonowska

As the adage says: “A man learns throughout the whole life”, we decided to refresh our knowledge about communication and creation of the business offers.

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Smart solution for your business?

Wednesday, Jun 17, 2015 Posted By Maja Podonowska

You have never heard of it or you use it on your daily basis? Either way, this app is taking over both, social and business worlds.

For those who have never used WhatsApp, which is quite odd (there is 800 million people who use it on a monthly basis!), it is a phone based application that instantly delivers a messages, as long as the phone is on and connected to the Internet (all you need is a phone number).

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Prove you're the best place to shop

Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015 Posted By Maja Podonowska


Everyone who runs online store wants to meet at least three consumer’s requirements. First of all, every salesman wants to provide excellent shopping experience. Second of all, ensures reliable on-time shipping. And third of all, guarantees exquisite customer service. Some of them are able to achieve it, but how to prove it? There is the answer! Free Google Trusted Stores program.

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TDD training with Magento

Friday, Jun 05, 2015 Posted By Maja Podonowska

Last week, in Poznan (Poland), took place a three-day training, which was attended by one of our developers, Michał.

Training "Magento Test Driven Development" was conducted by Vinai Kopp, one of the official Magento trainer and significant authority in the industry.

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