Using Zendesk is very simple. To contact us via Zendesk just write us an e-mail to In reply you’ll get a link to create your own zendesk account.

Click on the link and it will take you to the following page.

Here you can create your account by typing your name and setting your password. After that, you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can manage your tickets, requests and recent activities.

On the top of the page you’ll see 2 tabs ( “My activities”, “Submit a request”), a dropdown with your name on it and the following functions.

They will enable you to change your password and customize your profile.

Clicking on “My activities” will open a page with all your created requests and the requests you are cc’d to.

There are three statuses that can be applied to each ticket.

Open - turns on automatically when you create a ticket.

Awaiting your reply - when you receive an answer from our team.

Solved - when your task is completed.

To submit a request simply click on the “submit a request” button top of the page and a form to create a new ticket will appear.

Title your message, describe your issue, attach files or screenshots and viola!

Note: Zendesk allows only files below 1MB, so if you need to add a bigger file please send it via dropbox or any other site.

Your message will automatically create and open a new ticket.

On the homepage you could notice a big black section signed “General”.  It allows you to follow any new announcements and view FAQ if any help is needed.

You can visit your zendesk account at any time. If you already use your e-mail client account to contact us, it means that you already have access to zendesk. Just type in your browser input and log in.

Use the “Get a password” function if you didn’t receive one earlier. Type the e-mail address you use to communicate with us and a message to set your new password will be sent to you.

As you can see zendesk can easily help you manage your requests. Use zendesk and never lose track of your opened cases.