Checkout is one of the two most important steps during an online shopping. That is why it is important to do everything to avoid the abandonment. How? We have 10 tips to improve Magento checkout.

1. Use one step checkout

 A single-page checkout is one of the best ways to improve sales conversions. Customers love their simplicity and ease of use. The time effort to finish any purchase is reduced. Such solution requires adding Ajax which makes the page also more interactive, increasing the user experience and page performance.

 2.  Allow guest checkout

 When most clients reach the checkout, their priority is to close the transaction. Making them to register before checkout is a one way track to cart abandonment. Even registered clients

leave with nothing cause they can't remember their login or password, and retrieving them is often beyond the limits.

 3. Add a ''check out with Facebook”

 Filling-in all the required fields on the checkout page, or even while registering, can make your clients lose their temper. To prevent that, let Facebook fill all the required fields for them. That's the fast and very popular way to increase your conversion and improve user experience.

 4. Place an input for coupon code

 It's the best place to do that. Also with one step checkout, you can let your clients see how the applied coupon affects the price. It not only what makes the page more interactive but also it can convince the customer to make a purchase.

 5. Use auto select

 It may seem meaningless, but saves time. Most clients use the same billing and shipping address. Don't make them to get through the same inputs twice. Try always to keep the common options checked so your customer won't have to do it by himself.

 6. Get a trusted logo and add it to check out

 It's always a good way to encourage your customer to buy at your shop. Researches show that adding a trust logo significantly increases conversion. It seems very important for newly upcoming clients. It gives customer comfort that the information they provide are safe and secure.

 7. Remove header and footer in checkout

 It's important not to produce unwanted noise on the checkout site. Furthermore, headers and footers may cause distraction and confusion while your client tries to concentrate on finishing the transaction. Remember to keep that are clean and simple.

 8. Offer multiple payment methods

 It is proven that adding PayPal highly affects the conversion increasing it in some cases by even 30%. But PayPal is not all. Give your client various payment options, providing methods that are popular in your country and worldwide. You never know who visits your shop.

 9. Reduce input fields

 Keep your site clean and effective. On the checkout page, simplicity is the key to success. Don't torture your customer with as many input fields as possible. Throw out unnecessary fields that can only cause your customer headache.

 10. Inline validation

This is a great way to speed up the checkout process. People make mistakes, typo's often mix up logins, email addresses. Let your clients know that they need to correct details they provided before clicking submit. It saves time and that's what customers care for while shopping online.  

The use of all the tips should bring improvement when it come to the checkout. Apply them to your online shop and let us know how do they work.